AICS Meditation Retreats

AICS offers public lectures, workshops and seminars on a variety of consciousness studies-related topics, as well as weekend and week-long meditation retreats focused on the cultivation of motivational, attentional, cognitive, and emotional balance. Meditation is an integral part of a larger process of becoming healthy. It is both a diagnostic and therapeutic tool used in this endeavor. In the classical Buddhist context, the term meditation is used to translate the Sanskrit term bhavana and its Tibetan equivalent gom.

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Educational Programs

A principal focus of the AICS’s integrative research program is what is traditionally called “practice”—the pragmatic study and cultivation of human flourishing, a topic that is rapidly gaining attention in the new field of “positive psychology.” The roots of this concept can be traced back to the ancient Greek notion of eudaimonia, commonly translated as “genuine happiness.” This term was later adopted into the Christian tradition by Augustine, who glossed it as “truth-given joy.” Understood in this way, it is closely analogous to the classical Indian term ananda, referring to the bliss that is innate to the deepest dimension of consciousness. For more information